Our Objective is to:
1.To provide experienced and committed staff that have the appropriate expertise
and training to provide a holistic service to adults with a range of complex need

  1. To promote a culture of continual learning within the staff team and foster
    continual improvement in service delivery
  2. To operate accordingly within the relevant legislative framework and policy
  3. To establish and maintain effective lines of communication and joint working
    relationships with referring agencies and relevant health and social care teams.
    Our supported living options are designed around what’s important to service users.
    We offer an alternative to residential care and empowers service users to choose the
    right amount of support – how and when they need it – so they can lead an enriching
    and fulfilling life.
    Our service is based on positive outcomes and years of expertise of developing
    environments that focus on promoting and encouraging service users to promote
    their independent daily activity skills.
    The type of support our service users receive is chosen and controlled by them and
    with our staff, they will develop a personalised support plan based on service users
    interests, priorities and skills.
    Our carers live locally in East London and are available to support service users to
    live independently. They all have DBS checked and undergone training to allow them
    care for people with conditions such as dementia, Mental Health, Learning
    Disabilities, Sensory Impairment, acquired brain injury, or with life after a stroke.
    Medication support – Our staff will prompt and supervise service users to take the
    right dosage at the correct time, or precisely administer their medication.
    Mobility support – our carers are trained in the use of wheelchairs to support their
    move safely around in the home and community.