We are whole-heartedly committed to providing top quality services by continuous improvement in the level of the care and support we offer. This is achieved by employing and maintaining a quality workforce as well as the appointment of a dedicated staff training and development manager. Standards and training for our managers and staff are based on the national occupational standards for the care industry set by the National Training Organisation.

Nature of Service.

To ensure that we are fit for our purpose, the work of the staff team is consistently monitored and supervised. We examine our operations constantly to ensure that we are successfully achieving our stated aims and objectives. We therefore welcome feedback from all stakeholders (i.e. service users, staff, care professionals, carers, family members and friends) on all aspects of our operation.

Needs and Risk Assessments

Before we provide services, we ensure that a potential service user’s needs, preferences and risks are thoroughly assessed. We aim to ensure that the care and support that OSS CARE provides, meets the assessed needs of each service user. We ensure that needs and risks are re-assessed as frequently as necessary, and that the care and support provided have the flexibility to respond to changing needs or requirements. From the outset of the referral process, we seek to consult all relevant parties in the needs and risk assessment process.

User Focussed Services

To focus on service users personal aspirations, we aim to provide care and support in ways which have positive outcomes for service users and promote their active participation. To this end, Orservices operates a charter of rights for people who receive our care and support services.


Client Groups

On the initial referral services users must be 18 years and above. They may have one or more of the following disabilities:

Forensic history,

Mental health problems

Physical disabilities

Sensory impairment

Brain injury

Learning disabilities

Aspergers syndrome Condition.